About me


I have an MA in Fine Art and Design from Chelsea School of Art, London, UK. These days I live and work in Cornwall, UK.


I think of my paintings as figurative in origin, but I look at them and see them as Abstract. Currently the work is more directly informed by nature and the landscape environment. Landscape and nature as metaphor for ideas. I search for a synthesis of the elements, and a juxtaposition of the abstract and figurative.


In the construction of my paintings, there is a parallel process of deconstrution taking place, a process of elimination, taking out rather than adding, stripping bare, as the paintings build towards what they become. Very few pictorial devices are employed. Some of my paintings are simple compositions of colour. I see my paintings as objects that are formed and arrived at, as part of a contemplative and meditative process.


There is a clearer prupose and greater intensity about my recent work. I feel the paintings have more integrity, as I struggle to impart meaning into them.